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Elevator Sheave

Elevator Deflector Sheave

In the traction elevator, the elevator deflector shave is mainly to increase the distance between elevator cabin and counterweight, and change the direction of the elevator wire rope movement. According to the different materials, there are mainly cast iron deflector sheave and nylon deflector sheave. Due to the friction of the elevator wire rope during the running of the elevator, the groove on the wheel will be worn. The service life of low quality deflector sheave is much lower than the design requirements, or worse, will affect the safety of the passenger inside the elevator. Panda Elevator is committed to providing our customers with high quality and durable elevator deflector sheave, and we can also customize your needs for different projects.

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Elevator Sheave Types

Nylon Deflector Sheave
Nylon Deflector Sheave
Nylon deflector sheaves is popular among customers because of its affordable price, durable quality and light weight.
Iron Casting Deflector Sheave
Iron Casting Deflector Sheave
Cast Iron deflector sheaves are available in a variety of sizes to suit your projects and requirments.
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