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Elevator Automatic Rescue Device
elevator automatic rescue device
automatic rescue device for lift
auto rescue device
auto rescue device for elevator

Elevator Automatic Rescue Device

ModelInput PowerOutput PowerCapacityInverter PowerWeight
13P380V 50/60HZ3P380V/50HZ1000VA2.5AMax. 7.5 KW46kg
21250VA3.3AMax. 11 KW46kg
31500VA4AMax. 15 KW48kg
42000VA5.2AMax. 18.5 KW48kg
52200VA5.7AMax. 22 KW49kg
63000VA7.5AMax. 30 KW52kg
71P220V,3P220V 50/60HZ1P220V,3P220V/50HZ1000VA4.5AMax. 7.5 KW46kg
81250VA5.7AMax. 11 KW46kg
91500VA6.8AMax. 15 KW48kg
102000VA9AMax. 18.5 KW48kg
112200VA10AMax. 22 KW48kg

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Auto Rescue Device For Elevator Logistics
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